Velo-city 2024
18-21 June 2024

Cycle with us


Velo-city is the yearly flagship event of the European Cyclists' Federation and it is co-organised with a different city every year. Being part of Velo-city is more than going to a conference with an exhibition - it is about joining a community of passionate people who are there to take action and make a difference.  

Our goals and values: 


  • Offering programme excellence – featuring the best international speakers from our call for abstracts  
  • Connecting cities and regions with the latest cycling innovations through the Velo-city exhibition. 
  • Boosting the development of cycling in the host city and beyond! 
  • Striving for diversity  - with a focus on better gender and geographical balance 
  • Minimizing our environmental footprint - with the promotion of sustainable transport options to and during Velo-city and ambitious low waste policies. 


About Velo-city
The Velo-city story began in 1980 in Bremen with deep ties in the founding of the European Cyclists’ Federation. Since then, conferences have been held in cities all over the world including Ljubljana, Brussels, Seville, Vancouver and Rio de Janeiro.

A global event

Velo-city conferences are now attracting about 1,500 delegates from more than 60 different countries. As the flagship event of the European Cyclists’ Federation, Velo-city plays a vital role in promoting cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transport for all. 

Programme excellence

Boasting an unrivalled 4-day programme with 80 + sessions on all things active mobility, sustainable urban planning, cycling economics, industry, political action and cycling activism, we strive to push cycling higher up the political agenda. The conference takes place around the dynamic Velo-city exhibition that serves to showcase the latest innovations for a better cycling experience in cities and beyond.  

More than just a conference

The technical tours on a bike are a chance to learn more about the history and cycling policies of the host city, and social events, such as the dinner party, are an opportunity to make new connections and hit the dance floor! The traditional bike parade, one of the most anticipated conference highlights, brings together thousands of local cyclists and Velo-citizens who take the streets to celebrate everyday cycling.  

Join us in Ghent from 18-21 June for Velo-city 2024!


An important aspect of Velo-city conferences is the wide diversity of people who attend: advocates, cities, decision-makers, public authorities, researchers, and industry leaders come together to shape the future of cycling. All age groups are represented in the Velo-city community and about 40% of all participants are women. This mix of people creates a unique and invigorating atmosphere where innovative ideas flourish and collaborations take root. By bringing together a diverse range of perspectives, Velo-city inspires and empowers its attendees to take action and drive change for more sustainable mobility!  

Past editions

The Velo-city conference series has a long history that spans over four decades, making it the most significant global platform for promoting cycling as a sustainable and healthy mode of transportation. The inaugural Velo-city conference took place in 1980 in Bremen and today, Velo-city contributes to the global movement towards more bicycle-friendly cities and inspiring transformative policies and projects that prioritize sustainable mobility for all. 


Explore the past three editions: 

From 6-9 September 2021, Velo-city took place in the capital of Portugal.

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From 14-17 June 2022, Velo-city took place in the capital of Slovenia.

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From 9-12 May 2023, Velo-city took place in Leipzig, Germany.

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