Velo-city 2024
18-21 June 2024

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Media registration

Media registration

Velo-city, the annual world cycling summit, offers a deep dive into the latest advancements, policies, research and insights driving sustainable urban transportation forward. Apply for media accreditation to get the inside scoop. To apply for a Velo-city 2024 media pass, please fill in the provided below. Please be aware that the number of media passes is limited and subject to the approval of the conference organisers. To provide a better understanding of the added value you would bring to the conference, we encourage you to be as detailed as possible when filling out the form. For more information on the accreditation process, please read the terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

Please note that there is no general right to accreditation. However, tickets are granted on a case-by-case basis and are subject to the approval of conference organizers.


Applicants must be able to prove their media activity by providing one of the following:


a. By presenting articles written under their own name, which are no older than six months at the time of the event.

b. By presenting an imprint where they are named as an editor, regular editorial staff member, or author, which is not more than three months old at the time of the event.

c. By providing a web link to an online publication that is well-established in the respective community sectors and can demonstrate suitable reach. The relevant online media must have existed for at least three months and be regularly updated.

d. By presenting a valid press pass.


Please note that the presentation of a valid press pass itself does not necessarily provide a basis for accreditation. The event organiser reserves the right to request further evidence to verify journalistic activity in accordance with points a–d. The event organizer reserves the right, in individual cases, to additionally demand the presentation of a valid personal identification document with a photo.


Accreditation information for social media influencers, podcasters, and bloggers:


In order to obtain media accreditation, the following requirements must be met:


  • There must be a thematic link to the Velo-city conference.
  • The blog or (social media) channel must have existed for at least a year at the time Velo-city Ghent 2024 takes place or have more than 3,000 followers.
  • There must be relevant and regular reporting/posting (at least 12 articles per year). The last contribution may not be older than one month at the time of accreditation.
  • The editor's full name (no pseudonyms, pen names, etc.) must be visible on the blog page or (social media) channel. If the full name is not stated in the imprint, the identity of the person to be accredited must be proven by other means (screenshot of the private log-in area, ID card with a pen name, etc.).
  • Only those editorially responsible for the blog (including photographers and cameramen if named in the legal notice) will be accredited.
  • If the (social media) channel is operated by more than one person, the individual contributions must be identified by name. We reserve the right to limit the number of accreditations per (social media) channel to a maximum of two.