Velo-city 2024
18-21 June 2024

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UN-Habitat, Africa Urban Cycling Organization, Ochenuell Mobility: Challenges and opportunities for cycling in Africa

19 Jun 2024      12:00 - 13:00       ‘T KUIPKE (Purple room)      Panel discussion
Connecting people & communities
African cities are facing unprecedented mobility concerns arising from sustained population growth and urbanization in the face of infrastructure deficits and limited resources for development. With the rapid urbanization, there’s immense competition among land uses for suitable locations and the resultant accessibility needs and modes of transport. Furthermore, many cities are locked due to traffic congestion and transport cost is telling a lot on the slim family resources. Amidst all these, climate crises and road fatalities present serious concerns, affecting road users. This requires critical attention, beyond facilitating motorization in African cities. The bicycle represents the potential game change in the midst of the above, if given the right attention, partnerships, investment and conducive environment to thrive. A number of cities are making commendable efforts worth emulating. How can we strengthen political will and funding as well as leverage on existing efforts to surmount the challenges that current practices options present? The session will also discuss how partners can collaborate to make Africa Urban Cycling Organization a veritable platform for mainstreaming cycling on the continent. Session organised by UN-Habitat, Africa Urban Cycling Organization and Ochenuell Mobility.