Velo-city 2024
18-21 June 2024

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Federal government of Belgium

Institutional partner
The federal government of Belgium, in its government agreement in 2021 , has set itself the goal of achieving an ambitious 'modal shift'. In particular, active mobility and cycling play a central role in this approach. Given the positive effects on health, economy and climate, all the various Ministers and Secretaries of State have worked together to develop a historic, first-ever Federal Action Plan to Promote Cycling, 'Be Cyclist'. A vast range of measures were brought together, structured and outlined in an ambitious plan for 2021-2024. By this, no less than 50 measures have been implemented or are permanently repeated annually. These go from extending and increasing bicycle allowances for commuters, creating a Belgian bicycle database linked to an anti-theft sticker (Mybike), to providing more space for bicycles on trains and in stations. Belgium is now, even more than before, a true cycling country and that is why the federal government is a proud partner of Velo-city 2024.
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