Velo-city 2024
18-21 June 2024

Cycle with us


Strava Metro - Connecting People and Communities - announced as Premium Partner for Velo-city 2024

We are excited to announce that Strava Metro, a proprietary web platform dedicated to making active transportation better for cyclists and pedestrians, is stepping into the spotlight as Premium Partner at the 2024 edition of Velo-city, hosted by the City of Ghent. Under the theme of "Connecting through Cycling," Strava Metro will take centre stage by illustrating how cycling transcends boundaries and brings people, communities, and regions together.

At its core, Strava is the leading digital community for active people, with more than 120 million athletes that thrive on being active and finding joy in exploring the world around them. Catering to all who pursue active lifestyles, cycling is among the most popular activity types on the platform and people come to Strava to celebrate the joy of being on a bicycle and the camaraderie that comes with it.

However, Strava doesn't just serve as a hub where like-minded individuals connect, motivate and inspire one another. It keeps people active by turning every utility ride and commute into a shared experience, creating a virtual peloton that spans continents, and much more.

Connecting Regions, Cities, and Neighbourhoods:

Cycling is more than just a personal endeavour; it's a means of connecting regions, cities, and communities. By sharing your cycling activities on Strava, you're not only contributing to your personal fitness journey but a larger cause as well.

From this outlook, Strava Metro was born. Playing a pivotal role in transforming cities and regions into bike-friendly spaces, Strava Metro is a proprietary web platform dedicated to making cycling, running and walking in cities better. The dataset sees aggregated, anonymised and contextualised commutes recorded on Strava used by urban planners and transportation professionals to help make communities better for anyone - whether on foot or bike - by understanding mobility patterns to enhance infrastructure.

With qualifying organisations able to access Strava Metro data for free, the outcome is a collaborative effort that strengthens the ties between cyclists and the communities they ride through, making public spaces more sustainable and interconnected. The impact of this is already available to see. Transport for London (TfL) utilised Strava Metro data to optimise cycling journey times in the capital by reducing wait times at nearly 6,500 signals, creating a more efficient cycling experience during peak hours. Likewise, the City of Paris is transforming its streets by measuring impact in infrastructure which will help to reduce traffic congestion in the summer of 2024 and beyond. In some of the world’s largest cities Strava Metro has helped develop the active transport community and will continue on its mission of making cycling, running and walking in cities better.

Motivation through a Global Community:

Strava understands that motivation is a key ingredient to help transition people to human powered movement. The global Strava community acts as a constant source of inspiration and encouragement as towns and cities around the world become safer and better for cycling through the impact Strava Metro is having. Whether you're commuting to work, cycling to see friends or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, the Strava community is there to cheer you on.

Strava Metro’s presence at the 2024 edition of Velo-city conference in Ghent highlights our dedication to the theme of "Connecting through Cycling." As a platform that goes beyond just activity tracking, Strava brings people together, transforms cities, and motivates individuals through a shared love for cycling. 

So, let's ride together, share our journeys, and contribute to a world where cycling is not just a mode of transport but a unifying force that connects us all.

Join the Velo-city Strava Club to connect with other Velo-citizens before the event and discover your best options for cycling to Ghent and around the city!