Velo-city 2024
18-21 June 2024

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PBSC Urban Solutions: Official silver partner of Velo-city 2024 - Connecting people and communities

Can you tell us about PBSC Urban Solutions and what makes it a unique bike sharing solution? 

PBSC Urban Solutions stands as a leader in the micromobility space, changing the world, one city at a time. The company develops and markets innovative, customisable public bike-share systems. Our mobility solutions offer healthy, active and sustainable alternatives, improving the quality of life for citizens.

With over 100,000 shared vehicles, including bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters, across 9,500 stations globally, our network has facilitated over 600 million rides. Our solutions have been deployed in +50 cities across North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East, including major urban centres such as Dubai, Guadalajara, Honolulu, London, Madrid, Monaco, Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, and more.

What sets PBSC apart is our robust, proven system designed to be theft-resistant and to withstand diverse and challenging environments, from Montreal’s snowy winters to Dubai’s desert heat. We offer turnkey, customisable solutions featuring reliable bikes, innovative stations, a user friendly app and an efficient management software. Additionally, our systems are modular and easy to install, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of urban landscapes. 

This year's theme of Velo-city is Connecting through Cycling, putting the spotlight on bringing places, sectors, commuting systems and communities together. How does PBSC Urban Solutions help connect through cycling? 

Velo-city's theme, Connecting through Cycling, is a motto that PBSC strongly embraces. Bike sharing is all about sharing and connecting people and places.

Strategically located near major transit hubs (metro, train and bus stations), our stations facilitate seamless multimodal journeys, encouraging users to combine cycling with public transport, using bike-share as a first and last-mile option. 

By extending our reach to the city's most remote areas, we ensure inclusive access to bike-sharing, thus integrating various places and sectors. In Madrid, for example, we deployed the Bicimad solution in the city's 21 districts, enabling the majority of residents to have a station close to their home.

Bicimad users in Madrin (Spain).

What makes PBSC Urban Solutions a success in cities with a growing cycling infrastructure?

PBSC actively collaborates with cities as part of their system’s ongoing expansion. For example, BIXI in Montreal has undergone multiple expansions since its launch in 2009, first introducing 120 e-bikes to its fleet in 2019 along with electric charging stations. Today, the fleet boasts more than 2,000 e-bikes and despite accounting for only 25% of Montreal's fleet, e-bikes are used 30% more than mechanical BIXI bikes. They also enable riders to take trips that are on average 21% longer.

As a pioneer in integrating e-bikes into its bike-sharing fleets, PBSC launched its first e-bike model in 2019 in Barcelona, along with our smart charging stations. Our innovative stations are able to charge the electric bike automatically and quickly, once docked in stations. These advancements have not only enhanced user experience but also significantly contributed to the success and adaptability of cycling infrastructure in urban settings.

PBSC is regularly recognised as a leader in the micromobility industry, especially when it comes to innovation and technology. What do you think is the role of innovation and technology in enhancing the connectivity of the bicycle? Which challenges are there still to tackle and how are you working on this?  

Through its ongoing investment in Research and Development, PBSC is committed to continuously innovate. Innovation significantly enhances the user experience by implementing more reliable, convenient, and interconnected solutions. These efforts are pivotal in cultivating smarter, more organised urban centres.

PBSC's investment in R&D and innovation positions the company at the forefront of new technologies. Our aim is to provide operators and cities with innovative yet cost-effective options, ensuring that progress in smart urban mobility remains within reach.

Velo-city 2024 will also explore strategies for cultivating an inclusive cycling culture that appeals to people of all backgrounds. With your global presence in numerous cities, what lessons have you learned from these varied contexts? How do you integrate the requirements of different people, cultures and communities into your bike-sharing concept to ensure accessibility for everyone?  

Velo-city’s inclusive cycling culture resonates deeply with PBSC's global operations. Our experiences across diverse cities have taught us valuable lessons in accommodating the unique needs of each city.
Our innovative locking mechanism exemplifies our commitment to accessibility. Indeed, this versatile triangle device can be added to various vehicles, making them compatible with our stations. In Sibiu (Romania), our device has been added to 12 tricycles that have been introduced to the Sibiu Bike City bike-sharing system, making the solution accessible to the seniors and people with disabilities.

In Guadalajara (Mexico), we responded to safety concerns by giving MiBici’s operator the possibility of installing emergency buttons on the system stations kiosks. As a result, 20 emergency buttons have been installed in high-risk areas, ensuring that our bike-sharing system is not only accessible, but also safe for all users.
MiBici station in Guadalajara (Mexico).

In Chicago and Chattanooga (United States), PBSC launched its innovative e-scooter in its systems, promoting multimodality. This next-generation e-scooter makes active, shared micromobility more accessible and more inclusive, as the diversity of vehicles means that there's a suitable vehicle for almost everyone, depending on their preferences, needs, and physical constraints. To learn more about how PBSC's innovative technologies are influencing diversity in docked bike-share systems, join us at Velocity 2024 on June 18th for an insightful speaking session!

What are the current projects for PBSC Urban Solutions? In which cities will we soon see bike-sharing systems provided by PBSC Urban Solutions? 

PBSC is actively working with its partners to support them in their next expansions and look forward to introducing our bike-sharing systems to new cities around the world. With the micro mobility market still maturing, we are excited to announce upcoming deployments in several new cities soon. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to broaden our global reach and innovate within the sector.

What are you most looking forward to at Velo-city 2024 Ghent? 

At Velo-city 2024 in Ghent, we are most excited about connecting with our global partners and sharing expertise. This gathering offers a prime opportunity to exchange innovative ideas and strengthen collaborations, further advancing the future of urban cycling and sustainable mobility.

Want to learn more about PBSC’s ongoing expansion and innovative technologies? Don't miss our speaking sessions on the Freewheel Stage (Pierke room) at Velo-city 2024!
Join Alessia Di Maio on 18 June at 13:45 as she discusses PBSC's commitment to diversity, inclusion and accessibility through bike-sharing. On 19 June at 13:30, Louis-Philippe Rioux will explore PBSC's growth in Romania, highlighting the challenges and successes of our deployments.