Velo-city 2024
18-21 June 2024

Cycle with us


What type of Velo-citizen are you?

With a shared love for all things cycling, Velo-citizens, you are the heartbeat of the world cycling summit. Over the course of organising over 30 editions, we've identified different types of Velo-city personas. Take the quiz to discover yours, then share your results on social media with #Velocitizens and the official graphics.

What type of Velo-citizen are you?


Question 1: How do you plan your conference schedule?


A. I meticulously plan every session and attend them all.

B. I mix and match sessions, trying to balance information and networking opportunities.

C. I prefer to go with the flow and attend sessions based on my mood.


Question 2: What excites you the most about Velo-city?


A. Learning from experts and gaining inside knowledge.

B. Exploring the latest innovations in the exhibition area.

C. Connecting with fellow Velo-citizens at social events and parties.


Question 3: How do you navigate the exhibition?


A. I have a list of exhibitors I want to visit and I make sure to see them all.

B. I take part in the ECF scavenger hunt.

C. I explore based on my interests and stop by booths that catch my eye.


Question 4: How do you prepare for your presentation at Velo-city?


A. I submit my presentation well in advance, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the conference theme.

B. I work on my presentation up to the deadline, refining it based on the latest information.

C. I need a gentle nudge or two or three from the organisers to finalise and submit my presentation.


Question 5: What's your approach to networking?


A. I actively seek out professionals to exchange ideas and insights.

B. I engage in casual conversations with attendees during breaks.

C. I enjoy socialising over a beer or two at evening events.


Question 6: Your ideal conference evening involves:


A. Reflecting with colleagues and friends on the lessons learned and engaging in a somewhat heated debate on topics like e-scooters or sharrows.

B. Checking out the local cycling scene or enjoying the city's attractions.

C. Dancing with Pikachu or singing the Velo-city song in the city centre in the middle of the night.


Question 7: When in Ghent, your first stop is:


A. The Cycling Embassy of Ghent where I rent a bike to visit all 58 cycling bridges and underpasses.

B. Gravensteen Castle for a dose of medieval history.

C. A vegan hotspot or the local art scene.


Question 8: When it’s time for the bike parade, you are where?


A. At the front of the parade, proudly wearing my cycling merch and leading the way.

B. In the midst of the parade, enjoying the festive atmosphere.

C. I am slightly late because I forgot to get myself a shared bike but still manage to make it just in time.


Question 9: How do you stay energised during the conference?


A. I prioritise a healthy balance of sessions, meals and breaks.

B. I snack on the go to make the most of my time.

C. I rely on coffee and the adrenaline of riding my bike to keep me going.




Share your results

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